Well it was really only a matter of time

I am a freelance journalist and a fan of the written word so it only makes sense that I have a blog. I am a  recent transplant to London however I am no stranger to changing cities, living in new cultures. I hope to use this space to help me understand the world around me. I want to engage with readers to inspire critical thinking from politics to art and from feminism to science. I guess the only real common thread to this the antithesis of a “niche blog” is that each post will open a dialogue to explain and explore.

In the beginning I will write about things that interest me most: news, music, books, comics, goings on in my East London neighborhood White Chapel, Spain and Latin America, environmental issues, other projects I have, etc. From there, I’m curious to see where sin_h  goes.

So talk to me. Leave comments. Let’s inspire discussion.

About sinhblog

I'm a freelance journalist who believes in the fourth branch of democracy.
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