Ten Reasons to Love Halloween

10. It’s a harbinger of winter and a mighty colorful one at that. As the temperature falls with the leaves, the transition from summer to colder weather is hauntingly beautiful.

9. The Music. From Michael Jackson to Screaming Jay Hawkins it’s underrated and underplayed.

8. The next day, November 1. El Dia de los Muertos in Latin American countries and Dia de Todos Santos in Spain celebrate our own mortality and remind us that being one of los muertos isn’t such a scary concept if you’ve got your own day of celebration among the living.

7. Haunted houses and hayrides. A good one is thrilling and a bad one is comical so you can’t go wrong! They’re made even better with a good ghost story.

6. Horror films. Similar to haunted houses and hayrides, a good one is thrilling and a bad one is comical. Either way this oeuvre of cinema ads to the overall spookiness of the season.

5. The Mascots. Little bats, skeletons, pumpkins, witches, spiders, vampires and ghosts abound enchanting every office space, home and supermarket.

4. Community.  Halloween brings people together without the stress of familial obligations or gift ideas. People are in the streets and interacting with each other. Children approach strangers (!) and ask for candy (!!). Friends come together to apply fake blood, wigs and makeup.

3. Carving Pumpkins. No matter what your skill level- three triangles and a mouth or La Sagrada Familia gourd style- it’s a great excuse to get your hands dirty and be creative.

2. Candy. It’s the Holy Host of Halloween.

1. Dressing Up. It’s like a once a year vacation when you’re allowed to be somebody or something else.

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One Response to Ten Reasons to Love Halloween

  1. Tom Williams says:

    Halloween’s cool

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