“Che! Revolucio i Mercat” – La Virreina 25/10/07-20/01/08


Chesus Cristo! There’s a lot of shit out there with ole boy Guevara’s mug on it. It’s sickly ironic how commodification of this guerrilla hero’s image has taken the world over. It’s become the golden commodification key to instant success in the globalization ring. Want to become a captain of commodification? Just jazz up that ashtray and increase your profits by 300% by slapping Che’s grill in the center. Hell, let’s make commodification even easier and don’t bother with ordering new ‘trays, just get some cheap commodified Che stickers from the store around the corner and stick those to ‘em. The exposition of “Che! Revolucio i Mercat” consolidates this commodification into one nicely packaged show. From the original photographer’s contact sheet containing the image originally taken in Cuba in 1960 to movies about Che to graffiti images from around the world one can literally see the commodification develop over the years. It’s nice to see all of the commodification under one roof; globalization can just be so vast these days. Highlights include Che’s image being commodified to sell perfume, beer and airline tickets. Pay attention to what images are coming from which country and you might notice that the Mickey Mouse versions of Che originated in the United States while his image still maintains its revolutionary significance in places like Isreal, Vietnam and Mexico. Ever wondered what Che would taste like as a soda, vodka or Magnum bar? As a global citizen acting in a global market go do your commodification duty of the day and find out for yourself.


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