Etta James- From the Heart

Etta James- From the Heart

Legacy Records

One thing great about discovering new music from a classic artist is that you feel like you’re getting to know an old friend a little bit better; your picture of the them feels a little more complete. By compiling fifteen tracks of earlier recorded songs, Legacy Records shows us a little more of one of our old favorites, Etta James. Indeed she is more than just “At Last.” This album exposes her more soulful R&B side that few people associate with her. This is most evident in her cover of  “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” and “Try a Little Tenderness.” James’s classic brassy baritone oozes over the smooth beats and creates another sound entirely different from her well-known jazz croon. Don’t worry though, Legacy didn’t skimp on the old stand bys. Listeners will get their James jazz fill with tracks like “My Man” and “My Funny Valentine.” James is experiencing a second wind in the media spot light with the film Cadillac Records and a new, svelte figure. This album is just another reminder of how talented and versatile she is as an artist. Like a surprise phone call from an old friend, James is letting us know that she’s still here and still remains one of the greatest female jazz and blues artists of her time.


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